Book Review By Alysha Schertz of BizTimes

In the book, “The Talent Masters, Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers,” authors Bill Conaty and Ram Charan describe how the world’s most successful leaders are the ones who are able to accurately judge raw human talent, understand people’s traits and extract meaning from events and the forces affecting a business, and look at the world and assess the risks to take and the risks to avoid.

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‘The Talent Masters’ Reviewed

How Successful Companies Cultivate Talented Employees, Grow and Nurture Managers

By David M. Kinchen

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The Talent Pool Review

I have read a number of articles in People Management and on the internet about “The Talent Masters”, a book by Ram Charan and Bill Conaty released on 9 November 2010. All of them have been music to my ears as basically the ethos of the articles and the book is that successful organisations put people before numbers. However, as much as we know that this makes good old fashioned common sense, for many organisations it simply isn’t common practise. Sadly, in the current economic circumstances we are seeing less and less focus on people and more and more focus on process and the control of them. Leaving many employees feeling undervalued and less engaged than they have the ability and right to be.

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Defining Leadership: Bill Conaty ’67

Integrity. Trust. Self-confidence. These are some of the ways Bill Conaty ’67 defines character. As senior vice president of human resources at General Electric (GE) for nearly15 years, Conaty knows a thing or two about assessing someone’s character. Under Conaty’s leadership, his department became a key asset for former CEO Jack Welch, one of the most admired executives in recent American business history.

Former General Electric executive says character truly defines success.

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Straight Talk in a Slump: What to say to a worried workforce

William J. Conaty is widely considered to be a master of talent management. During his four decades at General Electric (GE), including 14 years as its human resources chief, he nurtured leaders through downturns and bubbles. Now an adviser to private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Conaty shares his thoughts on conducting a midyear review in a recession.

By Jena McGregor

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Secrets of an HR Superstar

On the eve of retiring, GE’s Bill Conaty offers tips on nurturing leaders in your organization

General Electric Co.’s (GE ) legendary reputation in talent management owes much to one man: William J. Conaty. In his 40 years at GE, including 13 as head of human resources, he helped to shape the modern face of HR. “The guy is spectacular,” says former Chief Executive and Businessweek columnist Jack Welch. “He has enormous trust at every level. The union guys respect him as much as the senior managers.”

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