A day at the ball park…Conaty Park

The view from the bleachers at the Bulldogs’ new Conaty Park / Photo: Tom Hansen

“This is a nice place.”

That is the phrase I uttered to myself several times while sitting in the bleachers at Conaty Park.  The Boys of Summer’s new home at Bryant University, which was finished just a few months ago has seen major improvements over its predecessor. The park is named after Bryant Trustee and alumnus, Bill Conaty ‘67.

Between the pine green grass and the crystal clear PA system Conaty Park is a place that Bryant Athletics can be proud of, and fans are already starting to take notice.  Between the dozens of students in the stands alongside the pack of Bulldogs roaming the outfield the fan base for the baseball team is sure to provide some home field advantage beyond the spacious accommodations that the Athletics Department has provided.

The grandstand behind home plate provides the perfect vantage point to watch the pitcher-hitter duels throughout the game.  With ample bench and chair seating this is the place to be for the avid Bulldog fan to catch a critical perspective of the game.

Measuring 330 feet to the left and right field polls and 400 to dead center the park is a haven for pull hitters on either side of the plate.  With a slight breeze blowing from behind the press box and out towards the flag poles in right field, Bulldog fans are sure to see some balls leave the yard this season.

Relief pitchers for both the home and away teams are sure to rejoice upon entering Conaty Park as well, with bullpens flanking both sides of the outfield.  This is certain to keep relievers arms fresh as well as the pace of the game appropriate (a claim to which cannot be boasted by many of the squads in the big leagues)

“I’m really looking forward to getting out here at watching some games this season,” said Bryant Senior Robert Burns “The new field really makes this a nice place to watch a ball game.”

One of the best places to view the game with friends is the dog pound located in left-center field.  Comparable to the “Monster Seats” located above the left field wall at Fenway Park, this area is packed to the brim with passionate fans rooting their team on from afar.  Players looking to become a fan favorite should aim to deposit a ball over here and watch the ensuing chaos for the souvenir.

“The place is awesome, the Boys of Winter will be sure to be in attendance out in left center,” said senior Harry Jaquith.  Perhaps Jaquith can bring some of the good fortune that he carried with him when he and his team took home the NECHA Championship several weeks ago.

Not to be outdone by their new digs the Baseball team is also aiming to impress this year, posting a record of 9-7 as of 3/21.  They have been getting it done with fundamentals with a .348 team batting average in the conference and 58 walks in 16 games.

The Bulldogs are currently in the middle of a four game homestand, with games today at 3:00 PM as well as Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 PM.  Congratulations to the Athletics Department on building a top notch facility and best of luck to the Bulldogs as they continue on with their season.

By Tom Hansen, Sports Editor, THE ARCHWAY

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