2011 Dallas HR Leadership Summit Welcomes Bill Conaty


© Katharine Kimball


The Fairmont Dallas

How did Bill Conaty build what BusinessWeek called, “the most talent-rich management bench in the world?”

By building on the basics. In his 14 years as SVP of Corporate HR, Conaty turned four simple talent management concepts — recruitment, development, assessment and retention — into GE’s world-class talent management and retention strategy. A legend in the world of HR, Conaty will share leadership development lessons from his 40-year HR career and how those four critical building blocks helped create a management dynasty.

Session discovery topics:

  • Easy retention — why top talent will stay when you recruit, develop and assess effectively
  • Building a culture based on performance — why continuous talent assessment is crucial
  • Great leaders, great succession plans — the necessity of developing future leaders
  • Becoming a value-added business partner — understanding the key strategic and financial aspects of your organization


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