Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers

In the book, “The Talent Masters, Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers,” authors Bill Conaty and Ram Charan describe how the world’s most successful leaders are the ones who are able to accurately judge raw human talent, understand people’s traits and extract meaning from events and the forces affecting a business, and look at the world and assess the risks to take and the risks to avoid.

During his career, Conaty worked closely with General Electric CEOs Jack Welch and Jeff Immelt to build that company’s talent pool. Charan served as an advisor to other successful companies around the world. Together, they document their experiences and their knowledge on achieving and attracting top talent that can take a business to the next level. The book documents
how specific companies credit their success to finding and developing leadership talent, and provides a Talent Masters took kit with specific guidelines for assessing and improving a company’s talent mastery capabilities.

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